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There are many positive effects that kids yoga has on children's physical and mental well-being. Research from Harvard and the National Institute for Health has shown that yoga, mindfulness and meditation in children can improve focus, memory, self regulation and self esteem. Yoga can be used as a tool to assist with everyday emotional well-being, physical fitness, improved concentration and memory, respect for peers and others as well as classroom behavior.

One study (Laxman, 2022) showed that children who are involved in a regular practice of yoga during schooling curricular settings can help children have better control over their bodies, mind and emotions. Yoga incorporates physical postures, breath regulation, mental concentration, and deep relaxation to positively affect mental states. Yoga that is done in group settings provides an environment that facilitates opportunities for children to build social relationships, practice communication skills and gain social interaction skills. 

Yoga and mindfulness practices have been proven to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and respiration. These practices enhance attention and self regulation. In contrast the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight response) is often engaged when children, similar to adults experience sensory overload. However when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, it increases our ability to focus and learn (Hagen, Nayar 2014). Thus making yoga an effective tool to assist with mental and physical well being. 

Our philosophy in teaching kids yoga is to approach each yoga class with a seriousness and multi-disciplinary method but in a playful and fun approach based on children's need and everyday life. Our founder specializes and is certified in yoga as well as holds several certificates from the NYU Meyers school of nursing in continuing education credits for behavioral health, risk screening for social determinants of health conditions, depressive disorders, and trauma-related disorders along side her BS in Health and behavioral science degree.  

Kid Yoga Life is dedicated to providing children and their families with the necessary tools to assist in mindfulness development, anxiety and stress relief, self esteem, improved behavior, and overall physical and mental well-being. 

Girl doing downward dog pose
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