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Now Offering Live Virtual Classes!!
Virtual class begins at 10am every last Saturday of the month. 
Zoom link and password will be emailed upon registration. 
Ages for Virtual class are 5-8
Kids as young as 3 accompanied with parent
Kid Yoga Classes:
Kid Yoga is a non-competitive educational movement program. Our students work on gross and fine motor skills, memorization, expand their vocabulary by learning the sanskrit words of their yoga poses all while learning the basic fundamentals of Yoga. We strive to create the most well rounded program for our yogis to assist them with reaching their full potential.
Each class is tailored to introduce new poses. We utilize storytelling, songs and body movement along with interactive games to make learning yoga that much more fun. 

All in school classes are once a week for 30 mins.


Our class structure is broken down into 5 parts. Below is a brief description of each part.


-Sun Salutation with song

Our sun salutation is the same as an adult sun salutation broken down with song so that our students are able to easily process each movement and remember them. Below is a picture of the movements associated with a sun salutation.


-Breath Awareness

Breath awareness is a big part of what we do. We teach our students that breathing can be used to calm down when we are upset, nervous or scared. We use different types of activities that help with teaching proper breathing techniques.


-Yoga Pose Selection

During this part of our class, we select 6 yoga poses that are interchanged weekly to help introduce students to new poses. We use yoga cards to help our yogis visualize the pose which also helps them to memorize each pose by presenting the pose in different ways.

-Movement and Mindfulness Activity

In each class there is a mindful and movement activity. We incorporate different types of games where we get to express ourselves with controlled movements while allowing our creativity and imagination to soar. 


Relaxation allows each child a chance to experience mindful resting. We use soft sounds of music such as nature, water and musical instruments to aid in the process of relaxation. These sounds help with concentration, helps promote better sleep and helps boost positive emotions.

Adult Yoga Classes:

Contact for more information



Come to my school:

-Don't have yoga at your school? That's ok. Contact us. We offer a free demo to all schools interested in our program and we are driven in our mission to spread awareness about the many benefits of yoga. Go to the contact us page and fill it out with the Come to My School prompt. 

Mommy and me Yoga Classes:

-Contact for more information


Private Yoga Classes:

-We offer Private Yoga sessions. Each session is charged by the hour. Contact for more information.


Girl doing downward dog pose
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