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Kid Yoga offers several different programs.
Below is a brief description of our programs.
All programs meet once a week for 30 mins.

Ages 1-2 
We utilize natural movements of the body to start introducing yoga to this age group. At this age, children are naturally finding out what their bodies can do. They are building strength in their legs and some yoga poses such as downward dog, and butterfly tend to come naturally.  Our instructors move with their little yogis while incorporating lots of song, and mindful movement.

Ages 3-5 
We incorporate songs with body movement as well as Breath Awareness and Relaxation. This program is energetic, and challenges our yogis to go from high energy activities to relaxation by teaching mindfulness with our glitter jars and
the use of soft sounds. Our yogis learn breath awareness through our fun breathing exercises while merging our unique relaxation techniques to teach self soothing methods. We utilize creative and imaginative games to focus on the foundational poses of yoga such as, downward dog, butterfly, tree, and cobra. 

Ages 6-8
We incorporate more creative and imaginative games that build on the foundational elements of yoga. This is a really fun age for kids to really enjoy learning more about cultivating a yoga practice and developing their perception of mindful movement. This program introduces our yogis to the idea of taking isolated yoga poses and putting them together to create a yoga sequence. In Kid Yoga we focus on helping our yogis to become more in tune with the way their bodies move, and how to properly engage their muscles to operate the yoga sequences they learn at optimal level. Each yoga pose is explained in a more in depth way while continuing to explore in an energetic and fun environment. We explore partner poses that they're able to do with their friends and family which helps build connection and deeper bonds of friendship.

As this age group develops, their understanding of self awareness further progresses. We encourage this attitude by keeping them involved in their yoga practice and creating a safe space for each yogi to build their OWN idea of what yoga means to them. We develop more of a vinyasa (flow) class, where they get to experience the joy of flowing from one pose to another, such as in an adult class. We still encourage the exploration of fun yoga games while teaching them to utilize their yoga practice, relaxation and mindfulness techniques outside of class.



Girl doing downward dog pose
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