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Making time for your mat

How often do you take time for yourself? It doesn't have to be very long , something like 5 mins or so. Taking 5 minutes may seem like its so easy to do, but when you are a parent, and taking care of

a household, that 5 minutes can seem so out of reach.

What I've come to realize though, is that if I don't feel my best, my household doesn't feel their best. As mom's we are in charge of cooking, cleaning, and making sure the kids and husband are fed. But if I find myself stressed and overwhelmed, my house hold seems stressed and over whelmed also. So taking even 5 minutes to calm myself, think clearly and gather my thoughts goes a long way for the rest of the day. You don't have to roll out the mat, and do a whole bunch of poses. You can literally utilize any space that you are in, and self reflect. Stretch your neck, and arms, shake out those legs, and simply gather your thoughts. Be mindful with your intentions for your body.

Here are a few tips for you to get you started:

1. Find a quiet space. This quiet space can be a bathroom, bedroom, closet. Wherever you can go to get away for just a few moments. The peace and stillness will help you collect your thoughts.

2. Set aside your expectations. You don't want to try and take some time for yourself and all your thinking about is what you expect to happen in this time. Let it be natural. Get quiet inn the mind, even if you can't collect your thoughts. Just get quiet in your quiet space.

3. Take intentional Breaths. Deep breathing is so important for us to do. When we deep breath our body creates what is called Tapas (fire) in yoga. That Fire that builds up in our bodies with each deep breath, and burns away that frustration or other emotion that is consuming your body.

4. Relax. Everything is not as bad as it may seem. Sometimes you need to remove your self in order to actually realize, that everything is ok.

So those are just a few tips that help me. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, research away. We are in a world where knowledge is at our very finger tips and we just have to utilize it.


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